Cedar Cliff Productions

Meet the Production Team!

Behind every great production is an amazing production team, and ours is no exception.

Our team is full of hard-working, talented, and passionate individuals who work tirelessly to put together productions for the students and community to enjoy.

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Matthew Topping- Producer & Vocal Director

Mr. Topping works as the Producer and Vocal Director, acting as the liason with the West Shore School District. In addition to these responsibilities, he leads the Business and Financial teams through the season in order to foster a coordinated and creative working environment. Mr. Topping looks forward to seeing the program grow in tandem with the talent and dedication of the students at Cedar Cliff. While Mr. Topping is quite passionate about the musical program, he also enjoys traveling the country in his 32’ RV with family and friends.

Contact: mtopping@wssd.k12.pa.us


Megan McGee Yinger- Choreographer & Associate Producer

As both Choreographer and Associate Producer, Dr. McGee Yinger helps to see that things are moving gracefully both on and offstage. She first became involved with Cedar Cliff Productions in 2017 with Fiddler on the Roof, and she is consistently blown away by the program and its amazing students. Outside of Cedar Cliff, Megan teaches dance at Wevodau Dance Center and is a lecturer of English and American History. She also enjoys crocheting and spending time with her husband and son.

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Taylor Saraiva- Artistic Director and Associate Producer

After working with Cedar Cliff High School’s musical season for nine years, Taylor is over the moon about the future of Cedar Cliff Productions. As well as being the go-to person for all things aesthetic, Taylor project manages the department chairs of Scenic Design, Props/Decor, Costumes and Wardrobe, Hair and Make-up, Sound and Lighting, and Stage Management. Additionally, Taylor works closely with and mentors the Student Acting Directors. When Taylor is not overseeing the production or singing show tunes alone in her car, she can be found exploring the outdoors through hiking, kayaking, and hammocking. A rarely known fact about Taylor is that she is also the Goalkeeping Coach for Cedar Cliff’s Girls Varsity Soccer Team, which is rare due to the fact that sports and music often do not coexist.


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Olivia Antonucci- Student Stage Manager

Olivia has been working on shows at Cedar Cliff High School since her freshman year as a highly involved stagehand. As her skills behind the scenes have evolved, her aptitude for leadership and organization has developed. She is thrilled to be taking on the role of Stage Manager for this year’s production of The Addams Family. Olivia is involved in Spanish Club, loves to travel, participate in sports, and has a love of music the she has channeled into a passion for the theatre. This year, she will be traveling to Costa Rica with the Spanish Club to witness first hand its culture and delve into what she hopes will be an enlightening adventure.

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Maleah Keller- Student Assistant Stage Manager

As a senior, Maleah is ecstatic to work alongside Olivia as Assistant Stage Manager after working on the crew since 2015. As a member of the National Honor Society, she volunteers her time in the community through hard work and dedication. Maleah also participates in Key Club at Cedar Cliff High School. She is a well-rounded collaborator who is a joy to work with and can be counted on to jump in wherever help is needed.

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Anna Leeds- Assistant Student Producer & Website Designer

The role of Assistant Producer is new this year. Anna has been in the cast of the past three Cedar Cliff productions and is looking forward to working for the program in a different capacity. She is involved in Chamber Singers where she also holds the title of Secretary, is a team member of the WSSD Student Safety Committee, and is Co-Secretary of the Young Democrats at Cedar Cliff. Recently, Anna was named as “Teen of the Week” by the Carlisle Sentinel. She enjoys reading above almost everything else. She is very excited to be piloting the position of Assistant Student Producer and Web Designer this season. Anna will be attending Susquehanna University and is planning on studying Political Science as well as Professional and Civic Writing.  


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Amy Heinly- Scenic Designer

Amy is honored to be back this year as the Scenic Designer for The Addams Family. Formerly, Amy was an instructor of Art at Lebanon Valley College where she taught various levels of painting, drawing and art history courses. As an active participant in her church, Amy has leant her imagination and talents to the congregation in order to cultivate tangible spiritual themes. She is excited to aid in the fostering of creativity among the students at Cedar Cliff and engage the community. When not creating, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, going on long walks, swimming, attending hot yoga, and singing.

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Christine Repetz- Props Master & Set Decorator

A degree in Film Production with an emphasis in Production Design and Set Decorating is what allows Christine to be a a crucial asset to our team.  She has been volunteering her time and efforts to set decorating and prop building since 2004, whether it be through community theater or her own children’s theatrical endeavors.  By day, Christine is an architect of custom window treatments for homes.  In her free time she frequently volunteers with her church and serves on the 4H Advisory Council for Cumberland County. When she’s not listening to show tunes, you can find Christine delving into the world of Mary Russell, Laurie King’s thrilling mystery series heroine.   

Trudy Saraiva- Fundraising Director

After recently retiring from her career in public education as a Special Education teacher and administrator, Trudy has continued her education influence by subbing daily for a local school entity. As a lifelong learner, Trudy is always eager to investigate and learn new strategies through professional development opportunities that will serve to further enhance student learning, ability building and long-term accomplishment. Cedar Cliff Productions has always held a special place in her heart since her children took part in the program during their school careers. She looks forward to working with the Production Team in her capacity as fundraising guru.

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Brian Buterbaugh- Pit Orchestra Director

Mr. Buterbaugh directs the pit orchestra for Cedar Cliff's musical productions. His first show with the team was 2018's "The Drowsy Chaperone". Other musical directing credits include Acts of Kindness Theatre Company and Spring Grove Area High School. Mr. B is the orchestra director at Cedar Cliff High School and Allen Middle School. He conducts the York Youth Symphony Orchestra and is a frequent guest conductor, cellist, and clinician throughout the region. Mr. Buterbaugh enjoys working in our fantastic musical program, and looks forward to maintaining the high level of musicianship consistently found in Cedar Cliff's pit orchestras. 


Ellyn Campbell- Costume Lead

This is Ellyn’s second year working on costumes for Cedar Cliff Msuicals, and her first as coordinator. She spends her weekdays at the Susquehanna River Basin Commission as a supervising biologist, crunching data, writing reports, and educating people about the little-known world of stream ecology. When she isn’t working or managing her household, she spends her free time volunteering with an managing the database of Loving Care Cat Rescue. She is happy to lend her organizational skills to the costume team, as working with costumes helps scratch the creativity itch that tends to plague her in the winter months.

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Phil McCleod- Lighting Designer

Phil is very excited to be working on The Addams Family this year. He will be designing the lighting for the show and will also be training the tech crew. Phil studied Latin for five years, but respectfully admits that he now remembers very little. He has always loved adding to the atmosphere of shows with a tool as abstract as lighting.

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Trace Morgan- Sound Designer

Being raised in a theatrical family, Trace began his stage performing career as a young child. His love of the arts quickly grew into a love for technology design. After completing his audio recording degree, Trace continued his schooling in electronics and instrument lutherie. "I'm ecstatic to be able to teach students how to bring their technologically creative ideas to life within this healthy environment; in a musical program, passionate to create high quality theatre for the growing generations." Away from the stage, Trace enjoys working with his hands, writing music, and spending time with his family.

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Marla Leaf- Hair and Makeup Director

Marla oversees makeup application and assistance in the visual aesthetics of hair design. She is a leader among students interested in expressing their artistic drive through makeup and more specifically the evolution of each individual character. She looks forward to helping each student express who they are onstage to make their characters’ come to life. Marla is no stranger to the musical world, she used to play many instruments and dance. Nowadays, she very seldom uses those skills.


Kate Glidewell- Student Teacher

Ms. Glidewell will be working under Mr. Topping as a student teacher, and she will be on hand to help with anything from acting to organizing. She is looking forward to having a truly memorable and impactful experience working on The Addams Family.